Chassepot to FAMAS: French Military Rifles, 1866 – 2016 (Standard Edition)

Chassepot to FAMAS: French Military Rifles, 1866 – 2016 (Standard Edition)

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  • Page count: 532 (approx.)

  • 7.5" wide by 10" tall (approx.)

  • Commercial quality, section sewn style binding which allows the book to lay flat

  • Full color prints on premium quality paper stock

  • Foil stamped, red faux leather hardcover

  • Ribbon page marker

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Chassepot to FAMAS: French Military Rifles, 1866 – 2016 is a reference guide for historians, shooters, and arms collectors alike, detailing the progression of French military rifles from the first paper-cartridge Chassepot rifles in 1866 through the FAMAS – the last military rifle to be made in France. This book is the first English-language work to comprehensively cover the subject, and includes all major models of French rifles:

  • Chassepot

  • Gras

  • Kropatschek

  • Lebel

  • Berthier

  • RSC

  • MAS-36

  • MAS-40/44/49/56

  • FR-F1/2


Each chapter includes a history of the rifle’s development and its intended use, along with information concerning known variants, production numbers, markings, disassembly and mechanical operation, bayonets, and a history of deployment and combat use. French small arms have played a unique role in global firearms development, often ahead of the curve and always unique. Supported by world-class color photography and printed to the highest standards, Chassepot to FAMAS is not just a valuable reference tool but also a beautiful book worthy of any discerning library.

Ian McCollum is the founder, editor, and presenter of Forgotten Weapons, a decade-old web site and video archive dedicated to preserving firearms history. He specializes in French small arms and holds a deep interest in collecting these weapons. It is his hope that Chassepot to FAMAS will lay the groundwork for a new level of appreciation and respect for these historically important weapons.


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Bookmark – Printed on genuine leather with gold foil, this bookmark has been specially designed to commemorate the release of Chassepot to FAMAS. Made in Scotland.